victoria deanDominica’s move to geothermal energy can be a game changer for the country.

This is according to British High Commissioner, H.E Victoria Dean, who visited Dominica’s geothermal plant in the Roseau Valley during her second visit to the island last week.

“It’s not for the UK or any other country o determine how Dominica should have its energy mix or secure its energy provision but it’s clear that you have a real challenge here. Dominicans, as I understand it, are paying the highest price in the region for electricity and that’s- as well as being difficult for families or individuals- is a huge burden on businesses and therefore the possibility of real economic growth. So tackling that in some form is clearly right that that should be a priority for any Dominican Government. “

She continued, “You have a real possibility here to move to a point where you no longer have to rely on imported diesel if you can make it work. That would make an enormous difference to your economy.”

According to Ambassador Dean, the venture’s true game-changing qualities will prove themselves if the country is successful in generating geothermal energy in a safe and secure environment, in order to export to other countries.

READ MORE Wednesday July 30th, 2014