Public And Private Sectors To Benefit From CBI-Funded Special Employment Programme

News Uncategorised | 21.02.2018

In an effort to stem unemployment on the island, the Government of Dominica announced that it will be using Citizenship By Investment (CBI) funds to stimulate...

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The Revival Of Dominica’s Hospitality Sector After Hurricane Maria

News | 21.02.2018

Hotels today are much more than just a place to sleep and rest. Many travelers view them as an integral part of a gateway experience. With the recent boom in...

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Groundbreaking ceremony marks exciting new development opportunity for Dominica CBI

Business Development Update Headline News Investment News | 08.02.2018

Signalling the beginning of construction, a groundbreaking ceremony has been held for the highly anticipated Anichi Resort and Spa in Picard,...

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Five ways CBI contributed to Dominica in 2017

Development Update Headline News News Tourism | 02.01.2018

Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Programme continues to gain popularity in the market place and this has translated to a steady injection of funds into...

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Layou Benefits from Outputs of Citizenship by Investment Programme

News | 16.01.2017

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme continues to contribute to the wellbeing of our citizens, as funds are reinvested in local communities and our...

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