pm104The Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is confident that the Dominica Labour Party will be victorious at the next general elections.

The Dominica leader, addressing the close of Parliament late Tuesday evening said he is proud of the achievements of the DLP Administration over the years and is looking forward to leading the country following the next general elections.

“The fact of the matter is: the vast majority of Dominicans will continue to place their trust and confidence in the Dominica Labour Party and that’s why we’re assured that whenever elections are called, this Party will be back in this Parliament leading with an increased mandate of seats.”

Parliamentary Representative for the Cottage Constituency, Hon. Reginald Austrie in his address to Parliament on Tuesday evening expressed confidence that Dominican voters will re-elect the DLP into office.

“We went on the campaign in 2005 saying to the people of Dominica that things are bad and that there was a great possibility that things could get worse. At this time we had reduced their salaries and imposed the stabilization levy and we had tremendous difficulties. The only thing we did not do at the time was send public servants home. We were very honest and open with the people of Dominica. We had told them that that was likely to happen and to brace themselves. [We also told them that given] the opportunity, we would fix it,” he began.

“The people of Dominica put their confidence in us and gave us the mandate in 2005 and we began turning things around so they gave us a second mandate in 2009. We have seen the benefits of that and I’m sure that come next time around they will give us a third mandate to continue to govern the affairs of this country because we have done very well.

“We have done extremely well especially when it comes to cushioning the impact of those economic challenges for the less fortunate and under-privileged in our society,” Hon. Austrie said.

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