tammy jean jacquesWhen Parliament convened last Thursday, the Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) youngest senator, Tammy Jean-Jacques rose to pledge her support to the Government’s 2014/2015 National Budget Presentation.

Jean-Jacques, who has been a DLP Senator since the December 18 general elections, says Parliament Budget discussions are “serious business.”

“In this Parliament we debate and discuss serious business. What we witnessed from the Hon Prime Minister [the 201/2015 National Budget] was no child’s play but the presentation of a working Government with real solutions aimed at moving our country forward amidst the global economic recession and the expansion of the economy as indicated in this year’s [Budget] theme.”

The Hon. Senator is confident that the 2014/2015 Budget speaks to delivery in every sector of the economy in a realistic way.

She commended the Dominica Labour Party administration led by the Hon. Prime Minister for what she considers a Budget that touches all nationals.

“It will be remiss of me if I did not compliment the Hon Prime Minister and Minister for Finance for, not only his presentation of a Budget, but the content and character, essence and substance of the Budget in-keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Towards the Expansion of the Economy,” she said.

“This Budget speaks to delivery in every sector and aspect of the economy; delivery to touch of the lives of the people of this country in a meaningful and realistic way; delivery by a Government that was put here to work and will continue to work. This Budget speaks of delivery at a time when we’re faced with a global economic crisis and it presents a sustainable way out for every Dominican both here anmd abroad.”

Jean-Jacques has served in the House of Assembly since 2010 appointed senator by the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and sworn in on February 3rd 2010.

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