Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has reiterated his Government’s prudence when considering applicants for Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Prime Minister says notwithstanding the financial benefit of the programme, the country must maintain a robust process of verification.

Hon. Skerrit, recently took a tour of south-east Asia in his quest to continue promoting the programme and engaging interested parties about opportunities in Dominica.

Hon. Skerrit was speaking at a press conference on Friday, November 13th where he shared some of what he said while promoting the programme.

“We are acutely aware that the quality of projects approved under our Citizenship by Investment Programme will have an impact on the reputation of our programme. We therefore eagerly welcome project developers and promoters and stand ready to facilitate them to implement successful projects. We are, however, very selective in our approval of projects.

“Projects must be designed in a manner to ensure transparency and accountability to both investors and the Government and people of Dominica. The ability of these projects to generate economic ability to create sustainable jobs is also a key consideration.

“Project developers and promoters must also have the wherewithal to complete the projects. The likelihood of completion and success are therefore critical factors that we consider before approving any project under our Citizenship by Investment Programme. In other words, quality over quantity remains our guiding principle.”

He said he gave his commitment to work with developers, agents and promoters of the Citizenship by Investment Programme to build a world class product.  Hon. Skerrit also said he stands ready to work with partners to ensure that the integrity of the programme is maintained.

“Such an unprecedented achievement is an endorsement of the policies of Government and our management of the CBI programme. As Prime Minister and Chairman of the Cabinet of the Government of Dominica, I have ensured that our programme maintains the highest level of integrity while at the same time [remaining] attractive to investors.

“Our own internal verification and validation policies coupled with strong due diligence and adherence to international obligations have been [pillars] of our programme. While we are in dire need of investments and investors, we are committed to safeguarding the integrity of the programme as well as the reputation of our country and implications on our citizens in the medium and long term,” he said.


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