Senator Miriam Blanchard Highlights Strength of Dominican Economy

Senator Miriam Blanchard, Minister of State for the Commonwealth of Dominica, has given a passionate speech to Parliament regarding her nation’s economic development.

The Senator, who is an economist by background, highlighted that Dominica saw growth whilst its neighbours struggled with economic recession between 2009 and 2011 – with their economies shrinking, on average, by 3%. The economy of Dominica, she noted, instead saw an average growth of 0.3%, and only one year of economic decline.

The Senator emphasized how Dominica’s healthcare is prized among citizens of the Caribbean, and stressed that the island has seen significant developments since 2000. Senator Blanchard concluded her speech to Parliament by stating: “I do not accept that Dominica is doing any worse than any of the other countries in the Caribbean. This is not what I see, it is not what I hear and it is not what the data says to us.”

READ MORE Thursday August 13th, 2015