This year’s award for the World’s Best Resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas from Travel + Leisure magazine was received by Secret Bay, Dominica’s boutique eco-resort. The resort, described by hotel guests as “a rare gem, truly one of a kind”, was also named as the sixth-best hotel in the world in the magazine’s “Top 100” list.

“Your No. 1 pick, Secret Bay, is found on Dominica – an island that’s known for its rugged beauty and rustic accommodations, but that is now making a play for the luxury market with more polished options,” Travel + Leisure cited.

Scoring 98.6 points out of 100 for the World’s Best Resort Award, Secret Bay and the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ itself are a testament to the region’s hospitality.

“This accolade, by one of the world’s most trusted and revered travel publications, is a testament to our team’s commitment to delivering truly exceptional service and experiences, which makes me incredibly proud,” commented Secret Bay’s proprietor Gregor Nassief.

The awards show the resort’s recognition worldwide and signal the accomplishment of the resort’s aim “to provide discreet, six-star service that would go above and beyond guests’ greatest expectations,” added Nassief.

Sustainability and Natural Beauty

The secluded clifftop residential-style villas of Secret Bay nest in Dominica’s lush rainforest. They offer a dozen ways to sense Dominica’s natural beauty – from observing breath-taking ocean views and birdwatching, to kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

Made of tropical hardwood, the sustainably sourced villas have vast floor-to-ceiling windows. The villas offer an oasis of serenity and tranquillity.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme

The luxurious resort that works hand-in-hand with the island’s climate resilience initiatives, is funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Dominica’s Secret Bay is one of the handful of real estate options eligible for Dominica’s CBI Programme. The CBI Index – a report published by the Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management magazine – noted Dominica as the best country for citizenship by investment for the past three years.

Investors can either invest in pre-approved real estate projects like Secret Bay, which uphold Dominica’s climate initiative or contribute to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). However, to obtain citizenship from Dominica, investors must first pass the Programme’s rigorous due diligence checks.